Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have the smalls

 I have the smalls do you....... we live in a house built in 1919 we are the third owner....the second owners lived here for 40 years.  They were such a sweet couple but the house was dated and ohhh so 60's.  They worked really hard to get rid of anything that was authentic to the home.   I kept telling my husband that the bones were great there was open space and a huge backyard.  That did not sell him but the huge deal we got did!  Okay so back to the smalls... while we have open space to live it is not a huge house by any stretch.   I am constantly rearranging rooms and moving items.. to deal with the smalls of our home,  it drives my husband nuts.   One of the biggest... small issues I have to deal with is the kitchen.  It is small galley kitchen....

We purchased our home in 2004 and with all the work that had to be done on the rest of the house the kitchen update got pushed to the bottom.  And this is where I made my mistake.  I proposed an $1800 dollar budget to my husband and he agreed.  I ripped out the hood above the stove and a cabinet in the way, painted the cabinets, bought a new fridge and put a new floor in.  I had my Mom wallpaper the walls because they were so damaged from the 20 layers of wall paper that were put on in the past.  This was all back in 2006.   Move forward 6 years and I want to remodel.... My husband thinks not because I was somewhat successful in the budget remodel.   I have dreams for this kitchen... a built in on that brick wall.. open shelving ...etc.

I can't believe I just downloaded that picture in there... I was moving some things around.  but it gives you the idea of the small kitchen.  Since I decided to stay home, projects like the kitchen are lower on the list ... and that's okay.    So for now I am going to complete some minor changes.  Since my husband is not handy I have to be smart about how to get things done.  I want to find some cheap unfinished cabinets or maybe some shelving to put on that brick wall.  And that little polka a dot cabinet... I am going to paint that.   I am keeping the wallpaper I have always loved that black and white check.  You would be so happy about the chef border I tore down... yikes what was I thinking in 2006.   My Mom did not wallpaper to the ceiling so there is about an inch we need to cover up,  I am looking for a plain blackboard border.  And then I just need some new rugs and new hardware for the cabinet.

I love this galley kitchen I found on shelving and bottom cabinets.  Check back for my reveal next week.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Authentic Living

Authentic~ adjective... not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique.    
 This word has been on my mind lately.  I have read about it in blogs and Somerset Life even has a feature on authentic living.    When I read the article I thought this is where I need to be.   You see I quit my job in November, it wasn't just a job it was my retail career of 19 years.   It was a great decision I was leaving a job that had consumed me and taken me away from my family more then it should.     Don't get me wrong I love being home and there for my son.  But a question came up everyday who was I going to be?  I was always defined as that career girl .  I tried to pick up blogging again but it just did not hold my interest like it had in the past.  When I was that working girl I always dreamed of  staying home , developing my blog and opening the little shop of my dreams.  When I resigned I thought oh no problem I will blog and do my online shop.....easier said then done.    So for the past four months I have cleaned my little heart out, cooked , and enjoyed family time... but felt like for the first time I had no direction.   
After reading that article it clicked I wanted to live an authentic life... be that genuine real person.  
So as I start this new blog today I look forward to see where it heads.     I hope you will follow me along the way~