Thursday, April 26, 2012

check... check

 I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted anything...things change so much in a week... I received an email from a company recruiter that wanted me to interview.   If you read here I started this journey in November.. leaving my career to stay home with my son.   So with one email my mind was split in two... thinking of getting back into a career that consumed me or continue with what I started back in November... So I interviewed and have my second interview next week.   My mind has been racing and I have thrown myself into a porch project and exercising.   Between  painting and biking I think I finally made my decision....

 Pack the car we leaving for the family cottage in a month... We have been planning on this since I left my job and a summer at the cottage for my son is something he will never forget!   

So on May 31st we will head out in a car packed to the hills with two dogs, bikes, my 8 year old and his best friend from across the street... Before you think I am crazy with that last statement.. he is only staying for a couple weeks.

It feels so great that I finally made a decision and the right one at that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It's Tuesday... I am not a big fan of Tuesdays.... well except for Real Housewives of Orange County... did I just type that... sorry a guilty pleasure... don't judge:).

Monday,  I can deal with it's the start of the week and everything is new again... but with Tuesday the newness has worn off and there are still 3 whole days till the weekend... oh and it's grocery day.

 The grocery store and I have a love/ hate relationship.  I love to fill the fridge and pantry up.. and that is where it ends.   So I guess Tuesday and I better make amends, there are still 12 more hours left ....  since there are a few more hours left here is a quick project

I have a lot of wall space and I wanted something large to fill it..... enter the reliable Masonite.  I had the guy at Lowe's cut my exact measurements... me using a saw would have required this project to be rated as difficult.  I painted two coats of Valspar blackboard paint to the Masonite board and voila your done.   The architectural piece above was a sign I recycled with some paint and that sweet little wreath is just natural coffee filters and twine...

Happy Tuesday~

Monday, April 16, 2012

luci wallis shop opening Tuesday 4/17

 Wow the weekend went fast...
I have been busy adding product to luci wallis so that I can open with a full shop on Tuesday.  So I have been clicking, editing and uploading...and always struggle with parting with some of my finds.   Please register for our giveaway here.  Stop by our blog on Tuesday where we will be having some more fun prizes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sunny days

It is such a beautiful sunny day today.... I grabbed my camera and product and snapped photos to upload to the little shop ..... the sun was deceiving it was a bit on the chilly side... but I got some great shots.

Of course my little assistant Sadie Girl has to nose around to make sure everything is just so.

In our last post we announced a giveaway here.  You have until Tuesday to register!  

Who wouldn't want to sign up for a giveaway where you have a chance to win a little shop splurge at luci wallis with a value of $50.  It's so easy to sign up ...go for it .  We sell vintage goodies and unique supplies...  there is antique glass bottles, ball jars, vintage horse ribbons, paper goodness and many more surprises.

Monday, April 9, 2012

luci wallis giveaway

 We just arrived home from our vacation in northern Michigan.  We ran into rain, snow and sun.  While temps were chilly we had a blast and now ready to get back to business. 
 Our little shop will reopen next Tuesday at for fun we will be having a giveaway for....  one little shopping splurge of $50 at luci wallis.    For those of you that have not been by... thanks for stopping.  Because the shop is closed right now... here is a sneak peak at what we carry.

festive ribbons

vintage finds



vintage horse ribbons

paper goodness

How do you enter..... just comment and follow us.  If you already follow great, just leave a comment.  If you help us spread the word we will enter you two more times.  If you mention us in a blog post we will put you in a separate drawing for a SURPRISE.  Because we want to get our name out there we want to reach at least 75 followers... So you can register until next Tuesday..

Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great week.