Thursday, April 26, 2012

check... check

 I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted anything...things change so much in a week... I received an email from a company recruiter that wanted me to interview.   If you read here I started this journey in November.. leaving my career to stay home with my son.   So with one email my mind was split in two... thinking of getting back into a career that consumed me or continue with what I started back in November... So I interviewed and have my second interview next week.   My mind has been racing and I have thrown myself into a porch project and exercising.   Between  painting and biking I think I finally made my decision....

 Pack the car we leaving for the family cottage in a month... We have been planning on this since I left my job and a summer at the cottage for my son is something he will never forget!   

So on May 31st we will head out in a car packed to the hills with two dogs, bikes, my 8 year old and his best friend from across the street... Before you think I am crazy with that last statement.. he is only staying for a couple weeks.

It feels so great that I finally made a decision and the right one at that.


vintage grey said...

Sounds like a fun trip to the cottage!! How wonderful!! Best wishes for your second interview!! xo Heather

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Your porch update is really great...the stencils are a nice touch...and the cabinet works perfectly there.

Looking forward to seeing pics from your cottage! Thanks so much for stopping by my Lake House post awhile ago! (I've been terrible finding time to get back to all who stop apologies!)