Friday, June 29, 2012

flagstone patio

 I love flagstone patios... having them installed by a professional can be pricey.   Installing them yourself can be hard work but the payoff is worth it.   After a week of hard work we have our finished project and the bill  totaled $76.00.

Here is our starting point.  My Mom recently completed an addition to the family cottage.  She connected the two structures with a breezeway.   Not thinking so much about the back yard she only added a small cement walkout.. which you can see above.  After living with it for the past two summers we knew we needed something bigger to house the grills.
Securing the stone can be pricey if purchased from a supplier.  We were lucky to have plenty on hand from a past landscaping project.   Placing your stones is like piecing a puzzle and is what makes this a long project.   After you have completed this step spray down the completed area to settle the dirt.  I let it settle for a day and then went back through and filled the spaces with dirt and pea gravel.    We completed the center path by simply laying pea gravel and placing a stone path.
The last step was spraying the patio down one last time... this will allow it to settle with your dirt and pea gravel fill.

We still need to look for a better chair and add some pots... but after a week of work it's nice just to sit back and enjoy it~

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

the funny thing about blogging

 I have not posted a post until May 4th or placed items in my Etsy shop for sometime... where does the time go.... we have been doing a lot of this...

The funny thing about blogging is.... you have to stick with it daily... you can tell from the photos above we have been doing everything but.    So it's time to get back to business... sharing projects... 4th of July decorating... recipes and all the fun stuff we are doing...

See you in a bit~