Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~busy busy busy~

I have been busy, busy, busy.... preparing to head here , creating a costume for a vocabulary parade and hosting a cookout.  I have neglected my poor little shop and the blog...I hope to catch up next week.    

Since my Mom is heading to our cottage I had to take advantage of her sewing talent... My Mom purchased this chair years a beautiful olive velvet.  She then recovered in this during the late 80's... eeek

When I moved into my first apartment it went with me.. and it has traveled to   5 homes.  I have always kept it in one of the kid's rooms covered up.   It was always on my list to get recovered... I never did... until I talked my Mom into giving it a try.  She is a wonderful seamstress but upholstery is not her thing. You should see my list of things to do when we get to the cottage Friday.. for that chair!  
She finished the chair in record time and now sitting in my newly defined reading nook.  


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

TOO cute! Love this sweet chair - it looks so cozy! Thank God for Mama's who can sew! xoxo

vintage grey said...

Oh, what a lovely chair!! Love the colors!! :) xo Heather

thistlewoodfarm said...

I love that pillow on the chair....perfect for my! Hey, congrats on winning over at Andrea's blog :)


Jenny said...

Hi. The chair is great! I'm about to make a slip cover for one similar and have been wondering about fabric. I really like the idea of the top cushions being something fun with a punch!

Jenniffer said...

It turned out wonderfully! Great fabric choices (love the little shutter cupboard behind it too!)

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

Oh my holy freaking crap... I LOVE this! Love. love, love, love.

Jane said...

Bristol I love your chair! So cool it's stayed with you for so many years!! I saw your post that your interviewing...good luck with everything. I know these decisions are hard.

Janie B.
Finding Fabulous