Monday, March 5, 2012

A well wrapped package

My love of paper and wrapping started early....when my Mom recruited me for the job!!   She wrapped with Kraft paper back in the day when it was not trendy... she found a roll at my Dad's office and it was free and on the plus it looked great with plaid ribbon.   I believe a present should be wrapped so that it adds a smile even before you see the gift.   Whenever I wrap an order up from the little shop I put a lot of care into it.  I  always have my staples on hand to get the job done... Kraft paper, tissue, and boxes, jute webbing, twine and tons of ribbon!

This may sound a little type "a" but all my scissors have a specific job if you will.  I have a pair for paper, fabric, ribbon, etc.  And at the home of an 8 year old I constantly have to keep my eye on kitchen shears were the recently snatched up to cut tires off  matchbox cars....ugggh~   These scissors are my favorite, mine are a little longer but  they are my go to scissor for any paper project.

Of course the cover is a great Martha Stewart detail!  Another favorite of mine are her fringe scissors~  And for my Kraft paper supplies you can head over to Paper Mart, where you can buy in bulk.  I have a huge roll of Kraft paper that has lasted a year.
With Spring in the air I have been looking for bird chirping inspiration.. and I found it at Nice Package.  Hop on over there to see the most beautifully wrapped packages.   When your there check out there tutorial for
their paper pom cuuute

picture source....

The final touch to a wrapping up orders and presents is a handwritten note.   Whenever I see a cute box of note cards, I grab them for my stash so I always have variety on hand.    My newest favorite stop for stationary is Sugar Boo Designs .  Don't you love these note cards and paper I just added to my stash!

     picture source sugar boo design

Happy Monday All!


Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Oh I love your style of packaging! I think marketing yourself with packaging is so important. I'm always looking for little things to stick in with my orders. Love the velvet lavender ribbon. I just ordered tissue paper from Paper Mart. They had the best price of anywhere online I looked. Beautiful post!
p.s. just a suggestion...have you considered turning off your word verification? sometimes commenters will give up and not comment.

domestiCate said...

Oh, a lovingly wrapped package is the best! My mom passed the trait onto me, too. We have a stash of old maps from my Grandfather's National Geographics that I used for wrapping for a while. Now I've realized maybe I should save them for something more permanent!
Ditto on the word verification. I didn't know mine was on until someone told me. You have to be in the old blogger interface to change it, and I never saw the option until I dug for it. :)

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I love a beautifully wrapped gift. It seems to be a dying art with the convenience of gift bags. Kraft paper really is a simple but classic look too. And nothing speaks love more than a handwritten note! I try to have separate scissors for different tasks but I have to hide them from my kiddos!
I'll 3rd the word verification thing. You're welcome to pick up my wv free button on my sidebar.
Have a great week!

Hope said...

Just got the lovely package I ordered! Your package is awesome....I love all my things I ordered so much. I can't wait to shop again. I love to wrap my packages that I sell prettily too...I think that is half the fun of the sale!!
P.S. I am not so sure I would turn off the WV....I think it keeps some of the creepo's away if that is possible!!!

Anne said...

Beautiful ideas! I love the pom poms!!

Thanks for stopping by today & leaving such a sweet comment.